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If you or someone you care about is experiencing a clinical emergency and need(s) immediate help, call 911, or go to your local Emergency Room.

Esther combines clinically proven techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Positive Psychology, Narrative Therapies, Mindfulness Techniques, and Solutions Focused Problem Solving Techniques.

            Brief overview of that psychobable:

CBT: These approaches work on helping to reframe or reduce negative thinking,  and work on thought distortions that we tend to have, especially when under distress.

Positive Psychology: Not always focusing on what is bad or “wrong”, working to build on strengths and resilliencies. 

Narrative Therapy: Working through trauma, experiences, strong emotions through the telling of one’s story.

Mindfulness: Working to be “in the moment”.  The past isn’t here right now, the future isn’t here yet, all we have is right now.  Encourages mind/body awareness, and reduction of distress through being very present and conscious, while not minimizing or judging one’s experience (in the past, present, or worry of the future).

Solutions Focused & Problem Solving: Sometimes we just have to get down to the nuts and bolts and figure out the best way forward.  Most times a concrete “right answer” isn’t always clear, however with some brainstorming and weighing out the options, sometimes it is easier to see with the help of someone else.

Not sure if counseling is right for you?

Counseling is right for anyone who feels there is an area of their lives that needs improvement, direction, guidance, change, or growth...and when the old tried and true approaches we typically take, don't seem to be working anymore.

Each person is different, however goals of therapy typically are to improve mood, reduce anxiety and worry, strengthen self-esteem, improve ability to manage stress,work through educational barriers and social challenges, plan for career changes/new schools/college/graduation,  process grief or challenging life circumstances (divorce, loss, moving, etc), improve relationship dynamics, improve communication techniques, strengthen and support parenting techniques (implement and maintain realistic expectations, structure, and boundaries), and to make smoother transitions in their lives.


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